Geoscience Australia overview

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Role and functions

Geoscience Australia is Australia’s pre-eminent public sector geoscience organisation and the nation’s trusted adviser on the geology and geography of Australia.

Geoscience Australia applies science and technology to describe and understand the Earth for the benefit of Australia.

It also applies its diverse professional expertise, deep and trusted knowledge, national-scale Earth observation infrastructure and strong partnerships to the opportunities and challenges that face the nation.

Geoscience Australia contributes to six key strategic priority areas:

  • building Australia’s resource wealth
  • ensuring Australia’s community safety
  • securing Australia’s water resources
  • managing Australia’s marine jurisdictions
  • providing fundamental geographic information
  • maintaining geoscience knowledge and capability.

These six strategic priority areas form the foundation of the organisation’s ongoing work programme.

Organisational structure

Figure 2 shows the organisational structure of Geoscience Australia. The department’s organisational chart (Figure 1 in Chapter 2) shows how Geoscience Australia fits into the overall portfolio structure.

Figure 2: Geoscience Australia organisational structure, 30 June 2016
Chief Executive Officer
Dr Chris Pigram
Geoscience Australia Chief Scientist Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief of Division Chief of Division Chief of Division General Manager Chief Information Officer
Resources Division Community Safety and Earth Monitoring Division Environmental Geoscience Division Corporate Services ICT Innovation and Services

Energy Systems

Mineral Systems

Resources Advice and Promotion

Community Safety

Geodesy and Seismic Monitoring

Observatories and Science Support


National Earth and Marine Observations

National Location Information


Governance and Business Services

People and Culture

Products and Promotion

ICT Science First Programme

Infrastructure Operations

Scientific Computing and Systems Engineering

Science Data Platforms and Strategy

Service Delivery

Outcome and programme structure

Geoscience Australia has one outcome and one programme, as shown in Table 32.

Table 32: Geoscience Australia outcome and programme structure, 2015–16
Outcome 1: Informed government, industry and community decisions on the economic, social and environmental management of the nation’s natural resources through enabling access to geoscientific and spatial information
Programme 1: Geoscientific and spatial information services

Programme 1 contributes to the outcome by applying geoscience knowledge and capability to acquire, store and manage Australia’s national fundamental geological and geographic information. This enables Australia to make critical decisions regarding the nation’s natural resource potential and marine environment, helps to build resilience to natural hazards and ensures sustainable Australian communities by managing precious water resources.